Where is the BYD Song sensor

Published by admin 2021-04-21 07:55:38

Where is the BYD Song sensor

Different sensors have different installation positions.
The location of the BYD Song sensor is as follows:

1. Oxygen sensor: The oxygen sensor is installed on the exhaust pipe and is used to monitor the burned gas to determine whether the engine is fully burned and whether the mixing degree is too lean or too rich;

2. Wheel speed sensor: The wheel speed sensor is generally on the front wheel brake disc. It mainly collects the speed of the car to determine whether the car has any signs of slipping. Therefore, there is a sensor that collects the wheel speed of the car to complete this work. Generally installed on the hub of each wheel, once the sensor is damaged, abs will fail;

3. Water temperature sensor: The water temperature sensor is usually installed next to the thermostat, which converts the cooling water temperature into an electrical signal. When the temperature is low, the fuel injection amount or the ignition advance angle is increased, and when the temperature is high, the ignition advance angle is detonated and the ignition advance angle is delayed;

4. Intake pressure sensor: Generally installed on the side of the throttle, the intake pressure sensor, as its name implies, senses a series of resistance and pressure changes with the engine's different speed loads, and converts them into voltage signals for ecu to correct the fuel injection volume and Ignition timing angle. If it fails, it will cause problems such as difficulty in ignition, unstable idling, and weak acceleration.