Do you know the car seat pressure sensor

Published by admin 2021-04-18 07:56:34

The seat is the component that occupies the largest space in the cockpit (seats usually account for 6% of the car's mass). The comfort of the seat directly affects the driving experience in the car. It is becoming a field of rapid innovation. Play a role in the chair.


Do you know the car seat pressure sensor

Senior experts from VMANX will bring you a sharing report on "Human-Machine Interaction of Smart Seats" to bring you more smart seat black technologies! The smart seat developed by Faurecia China has been approved for invention patents. The patent is equipped with pressure sensors on the seat cushion, backrest and headrest to collect feedback on the magnitude of the force and the direction of movement of the driver and passengers in all directions, and use the corresponding algorithm to determine the passenger's adjustment intention. The system then sends the signal to the actuator, so as to realize the adjustment of the front, back and backrest angle of the seat.

At present, most seats on the market are controlled and adjusted through physical buttons, touch buttons on the screen, gestures, voice recognition, etc. However, this new technology of VMANX does not need to rely on any human-computer interaction interface, and can be controlled by pressure sensing technology. Recognize intent to realize automatic adjustment. At the same time, in order to quickly adapt to the adjustment intentions of different users, the algorithm combines AI technology to allow the seat to learn deeply, and truly understand you and do whatever you want.

In addition to the pressure sensor, the seat is also equipped with the "super assist" of the camera, which can distinguish whether the seat is a passenger or an object through the screen. During the driving process, if the vehicle is in a collision, the camera can also detect the position of the passenger's posture and the position of the seat pressure change and the pressure change range, so as to ensure that the seat remains stationary when the vehicle is in a collision and ensure driving safety.

In practical applications, this seat is suitable for autonomous vehicles of L3 level and above, and is mainly used in the rear and main and co-pilot seats. For the older elders, the button adjustment of the seat is too complicated now. This new invention of VMANX can solve this problem well. At the same time, this seat has also been incorporated into the overall strategy of VMANX's "Smart Future Cockpit", enabling VMANX to create a more interconnected, versatile and predictive smart cockpit.