Touch Module

Customized LED Seven Segment Display

Thin film touch sensor, LED chip, low power consumption and long use time.

Product Specification:
  • Product name : LED Seven segment display
  • supply voltage : 3-5V
  • Product polarity :  common cathode/common anode
Product Details


Thin film touch sensor, LED chip, low power consumption and long use time.
Detailed parameters
Brand: VMANX
Size: Factory can be customized
Product name: LED digital touch screen
Power supply voltage: 3-5V
Product polarity: Common Cathode/Common Cathode
Model: CS.131
Scope of use: home appliances, instruments, industrial equipment, etc.
Product introduction: LED digital screen is widely used in disinfection cabinets, air purifiers, pressure cookers, fans, air conditioners, water heaters, induction cookers and other small household appliances industries Combination devices of red, yellow, green, blue and orange colors, (according to Customer request to change color)
Product advantages
1. High brightness, low current, low voltage
2. LED chip, low power consumption, long service time
Customized LED digital touch screen
Suitable for home appliances, instruments, industrial equipment, etc.
1. Touch Sensitive keys.
2. Easy to plug in
3. Free design drawings.
4. Waterproof
High brightness display
The luminous brightness is uniform and clear, the edges are neat, and the surface has protective film protection, exquisite production.
Scope of application
Household appliances / communication equipment / medical / automotive electronics / sensors / machinery and other industry applications.
1. Washing machine touch display module
2. Home appliance touch display module
3. Digital display of energy storage power supply
4. Automobile air conditioner touch display module
5. Electric vehicle display module
6. Air conditioner display touch control module
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