New technology breakthrough for car seat pressure sensor manufacturers

Published by admin 2021-05-19 13:26:15

The identification of the sensor tag is achieved by using two non-volatile memory slots of each sensor, namely the tag identification number (TID) and the electronic product code (EPC). The TID memory slot provides a unique sensor identification number that cannot be erased, and is allocated to each sensor at the silicon level during the production process. TID contains manufacturing code (assigned by RFID global management organization GS1) and sensor type, manufacturing time and location information. The EPC memory slot provides at least 96 bits of writable memory for user-defined labels assigned to sensor tags.


New technology breakthrough for car seat pressure sensor manufacturers


The seat pressure sensor is a system that guarantees the safety of the occupants through sensors. Today's seat pressure sensor is an active wired network detection. It is placed in the seat cushion and needs to be connected to a power source. It does not provide human body detection, only pressure detection. Therefore, any object such as a bag of groceries will also trigger the seat belt warning light. .

VMANX's new solution for seat pressure sensors is a passive wireless single-chip solution that does not require battery power and consumes less than 15 uW. The wireless sensor label is affixed to the seat (the humidity sensor label is affixed to the back of the seat, and the pressure sensor label is affixed to the seat cushion). Humidity tags can determine whether there are people on the seat through human body detection elements, eliminating the trouble of items triggering seat belt warnings, and improving reliability; pressure tags use weight detection to determine whether the person sitting in the seat is a child or an adult. This information can be read from RFID The airbag is sent to the car control unit to optimize the airbag release angle to enhance safety. The software radio module can use the same unit in the tire pressure monitoring system. This solution can be easily extended to add occupant position detection functions.