Industrial radiator manufacturing design workshop

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The commonly used models of industrial radiators are divided into: SRZ type, GLII type, BGL type, SZL type, and the medium is usually: steam, heat transfer oil, high temperature hot water and other fluids, which are widely used in heating, dehumidification, cooling, drying and other projects. Before leaving the factory, the radiator undergoes two water pressure tests of 25-30 kg/cm² with a pressure holding time of 15 minutes, so that customers and friends can rest assured and comfortable. The following introduces the reference for the selection and design of common industrial radiators.


Industrial radiator manufacturing design workshop


The long working life, fast heat dissipation, large radiator area, wide general range, easy cleaning, and no maintenance are the obvious advantages of the light exhaust pipe radiator. In addition, the light exhaust pipe radiator steam system has the characteristics of energy saving and can be stopped after get off work. The waste heat can ensure that the equipment will not be damaged by freezing. And the bright spots that can be turned on at work are the bright spots of energy saving and environmental protection. It is the radiator system of the self-heating workshop. The light pipe radiator is corrosion-resistant, has a long working life, and is safe and reliable. The light pipe radiator is energy-saving and environmentally friendly: because there is no water or air in the inner cavity of the superconducting radiator, the heat dissipation area of the light pipe radiator is theoretically speaking. The useful life will be more than 50 years, under normal circumstances it is a lifelong benefit from an investment. In addition, the inner cavity of the superconducting radiator has no water and is always in a vacuum state, so there is no need for anti-corrosion treatment at all. Compared with the traditional radiator, it will save a lot of money. There are three specific reasons why light exhaust radiators are loved by people:  

Large heat dissipation.carry out customized R&D and production to facilitate practical application and installation. Advantages: simple structure, convenient design and production, smooth surface, large water capacity, etc., but the appearance is not beautiful enough, and the steel consumption is large. Application conditions: Basically, it is specially used in industrial plants and warehouses that need heating. Hot water or steam can be used as the heat medium. Sub-type: the light-tube radiator can be made into single-tube type, serpentine-coil type and light-row tube type. The single-tube type is generally used in the kitchen or toilet room in civil buildings. The snake coil type can be applied to the bathroom, kitchen or workshop of civil residential buildings. The light row tube is composed of multiple single tubes and connecting tubes, and can be made into a row tube type (also called A type) and a loop-shaped tube type (called B type). The light exhaust pipe radiator is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving radiator made of high-quality low-carbon precision steel pipes and a stable special welding process. It is a new product promoted by the country and a replacement product of traditional steel and cast iron column radiators. The inner cavity of the light exhaust pipe radiator is carefully treated and specially welded with high-quality internal anti-corrosion materials.

The type b public is used in hot water systems, and thicker seam welded steel pipes can be purchased. Here, Long Bolton reminds each customer of the acquisition to recommend practice requirements and acquisition requirements when asking the merchant for quotations. The energy-saving benefits of prolonged activity are particularly considerable. If the building and maintenance structure has excellent thermal insulation performance, and the indoor doors and windows have excellent sealing and thermal insulation performance, the number of industrial radiators used can be reduced month-on-month and energy conservation can be achieved. Energy saving and environmental protection are no trivial matter. Do a good job of industrial radiator equipment to accept specific content, and use it as a better use. The light exhaust pipe radiator environmental protection type A light exhaust pipe radiator 5A light exhaust pipe radiator-5 complies with the relevant regulations, and the pressure detection process of the second phase project is as follows: before pressure. The quality of the A-type light exhaust tube radiator is important for the consideration of the radiator demand. Its own light radiator is divided into two types: a-type and b-type. A-type is specially used for steam heating and steam drying. Its processing raw materials must use high-quality national standard seamless steel pipes, and b-type is generally used for hot water. system.