Vmanx Silicone Rubber Keypads

Vmanx designs and manufactures all types and configurations of silicone rubber keypads for a wide range of industries and applications. For both large and small customers we provide engineering and design assistance to make sure that your keypads exceeds all of your specifications.


Silicone Rubber keypads (also known as Elastomeric Keypads) are used extensively in both consumer and industrial electronic products as a low cost and dependable switching solution. The technology uses the compression molding properties of silicone rubber to which upon depression of the switch the webbing uniformly deforms to produce a tactile response. When pressure is removed from the switch the webbing returns to its neutral position with positive feedback.


Benefits of Vmanx Silicone Rubber Keypads:

  • Excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, environmental resistance, electrical insulation, fatigue resistance, etc.
  • High absorption, good heat stability, stable chemical properties, high mechanical strength, etc.
  • Production needs to consider the following factors, such as product dimensions, distance of key stroke, force, hardness, color, conductive requirements, etc.

In order to make an electronic switch a carbon or gold pill is placed on the base of the switch center which contacts onto a Printed Circuit Board when the web has been deformed. All our manufactured silicone rubber keypads go through intensive testing and quality control during each step of the manufacturing process.


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