Vmanx Sightseeing Vehicle Seat Sensor VS-363

Vmanx Sightseeing vehicle Seat Sensor VS-36 is a kind of membrane type contact sensor. The contacts of sensor evenly distribute on the stress-bearing surface of seat, will generate a trigger signal when the external force presses on the seat. It can be applied to the seat occupant perception system.

For example, with this device, pressure sensor can detect if anybody sits or not, and the airbag won’t open if nobody. It can also design the dimension of sensors and sensitivity of contacts as the shape and hardness of seats.



Property Parameter

  • Working voltage: Min 0/Max 20V
  • Working current: Min 0/Max 50mA
  • Peak Current: Min 0/Max 100mA
  • Non-trigger resistance (Non-loaded): Min 10.0K/Max∞Ω
  • Trigger resistance (Carrying the body): Min 0/Max 100Ω
  • Insulation resistance (Non-loaded): Min 10/Max 20MΩ

Technical parameters

  • Material: PET
  • Material surface thickness: 0.125mm ~0.188mm
  • Output signal: Resistance (<100Ω)
  • Film thickness: 0.4~0.65mm
  • Back adhesive: 3M adhesive
  • Environment temperature: -40℃-80℃
  • Permanence: >200000 times
  • Particular Test Weight:
  • Pressure range Single point test <50g 100% Non-conducting
  • Pressure range Single-spot test >200g 100% Conducting
  • Connector: Seal gum


Features of Vmanx sensors

  • Membrane type
  • Pressure trigger
  • Can detect if anybody sits or not,output signals to the seat belt warning device
  • Can design according to the customer’s requirement


Area of Applications

  • Safety belt reminder (SBR)
  • Taxi automatic message accounting system
  • Airbag’s sensor
  • Medical beds
  • Massage chairs
  • Office chairs


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