Vmanx Seat Belt Reminder System

Vmanx Safety Belt Reminder (SBR) System (Seat Belt Reminder)will remind the passengers automatically to fasten their seat belt and ensure more safety in traveling. The system includes intelligent, visual and audible devices that detect whether seat belts are in use in various seating positions or not and give out increasingly urgent warning signals until the belts are used. The risk of dying in road crash could be reduced in a notable percentage by using the seat belt system.(Seat Belt Reminder)

Many vehicles are now equipped with most sophisticated safety belt technologies. Vmanx has designed a safety belt reminder,When the person is in the car seat; Vmanx SBR will output the signal; the alarm will be alerted at the same time remind passengers to fasten their seat belts, the buzzer will close when the safety belt is plugged in; When the passengers sits on the seat, SBR will output the signal, and upload to MCU system, MCU will generate statistics and alarm function. When the passengers left the seat, Vmanx SBR will output the signal to MCU system, MCU will count the vacancy status again, and all signals will be shown in the display system and the terminal system.(Seat Belt Reminder)

Aiming at the school buses and buses, we will use the communication protocol to series connection all of the seats, a display host will monitor the signal from the seat SBR and make statistics and reminders.(Seat Belt Reminder)

It can check that if the children sit on the car or not, to prevent accidental death when child had been left in the car. Make sure to plug in your safety belt when you traveling. Minimize accidental death and be safe always.

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