Vmanx Seat Belt Reminder System

Vmanx Safety Belt Reminder (SBR) System is the latest safety system designed and developed by Dongguan Zhongman Industrial Company Limited (VMANX). It’ll remind the passengers and drivers to fasten their seat belt automatically and ensure more safety in their traveling. The SBR system includes sensor, seat buckle, seat connecting line, buzzer, host computer, MCU, Control display, and camera.


The principle of the SBR is that, when a human body is seated on a car seat, the Vmanx sensor will output the signal, and the alarm will alert and remind passengers to fasten their seat belt, and the buzzer will be closed when the safety belt is plugged in. When the passenger sits on the seat, the seat occupancy sensor will output the signal and upload to the MCU system. The MCU will generate statistic and alarm functions. When the passenger leaves the seat, the seat sensor will output the signal to the MCU system, and MCU will again count the vacant state of the position. Then all the signals will be reflected to the display system in front of the driver and the terminal system. VMANX is able to connect SBR to GPS tracker and modify the display information according to the buyer’s requirements. Though VMANX SBR is specially designed for school buses, it’s widely using in other public vehicles too to minimize accidental death.


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