Vmanx FPC–V4-C2-009

The FPC or Flexible printed circuit also known as flex circuits, is a technology for assembling electronic circuits by mounting electronic devices on flexible plastic substrates, such as polyimide or transparent conductive polyester.


Features of Vmanx FPC Components

  • High reliability, perfect flexibility
  • High destiny of wiring
  • Smaller than PCB; it can effectively reduce products’ volume and make more easily transportable.
  • More light weight than PCB; it can reduce the weight of finial products.
  • Thinner than PCB; it can improve the flexibility and strengthen the three dimensional assembly in limited space.


Process capability

  • Thickness: 0.07-7mm
  • Layers: 1-30
  • Material: PI, Polyester, FR4
  • Big size:500*700mm
  • Min hole diameter (blind hole): 0.03mm
  • Min hole diameter (through hole): 0.1mm
  • Min trace width/spacing: 0.035/0.035
  • Surface finish: OSP, ENIG
  • Copper thickness: 0.25-4oz
  • Solder-mask color: Green/yellow/black/white/red/blue
  • Hole copper thickness:15-100um
  • Routing tolerance: ±0.075
  • Hole diameter tolerance: PTH: ±0.4 NPHT: ±0.025
  • Special process: Blind Buried Hole HDI


Area of Applications

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Medical
  • Aeronautics
  • Telecom etc.


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