Vmanx Child Safety Seat Alarm

Vmanx has developed a security reminder that alerts parents to inadvertently tie their babies and children to the car seat.

According to some datas, thousands of babies and children die every year because they are abandoned in the car. These tragicities are completely preventable. Parents should not, never let the child stay alone in the parked vehicle.

Because of the heavy daily work that causes parents to be physically and mentally tired, they sometimes completely forget that the child is left unattended in the car. Others may leave the sleeping child in the car seat and leave the service. However, leaving alone for only a few minutes, a child may be kidnapped or let the vehicle start. Even in a seemingly mild day, you may suffer from fatal heat stroke.

This device is a child safety seat alarm that uses a seat occupancy sensor to detect whether a child is sitting in a stroller seat after the driver leaves the vehicle.

In the absence of adult supervision, cars are not suitable for children to stay for a long time. You can install a seat belt reminder on the car to prevent the above accidents. The principle of a child safety seat alarm is actually very simple. When the child is still in the seat, once the driver leaves his seat, it will give an alarm to remind the adults not to leave the child alone in the car.

Our aim is to eliminate accidents.Let our precious children get the attention and protection they deserve.

If you want to learn more about child safety seat alarm, please contact us. The following is our official website: https://vmanx.com.