Vmanx Adjustable voltage sensor

Adjustable voltage sensor CU-335 is a membrane type contact voltage sensor. The sensor is embedded in a micro-control integrated circuit. The voltage signal and delay function can be adjusted according to customer requirements. It is mainly used for seating and docking with other functions, such as The sensor is connected with the heating piece. When the seat occupancy sensor sends a signal, the heating pad is activated. When the seat is not occupied, the sensor delays 1 minute and then sends a signal to stop the heating pad.



A. On-off time (sensor isn’t occupied):

  • Input voltage 12-24V
  • Output voltage signal 0V

B. After power-on (sensor occupied):

  • The input voltage is 7-24V
  • The output voltage signal is 6~23V,
  • The output voltage signal is 0V after 60 seconds without taking up the sensor delay.



  • Safety belt reminder (SBR)
  • Taxi automatic message accounting system
  • Airbag’s sensor
  • Medical beds
  • Massage chairs
  • Office chairs etc.


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