Testing Equipment

In order to better meet customer requirements, to provide higher quality products, the company is equipped with the industry’s most sophisticated detection equipment. Such as:

1. The standard light box (T60 (5) Standard)

Standard light source can provide the following:
a) D65 international standard artificial daylight;
b) TL84 Europe, Japan shop light;
c) CWF cold fluorescent light US stores;
d) F sunset light source than the yellow color, the reference light source;
e) UV ultraviolet light source


2. Optical Inspection Microscope

Optical detection microscope is used to detect the material microstructure and the various parts of the material to be detected microscopic measurement of a microscope.

optical magnifying glass

3. Alcohol abrasion tester

Applicable to all types of plastic injection products, silk screen surface for abrasion tests

alcohol-friction resistance test machine

4. The second element test

Can accurately measure the product of length, width, height, measuring range: 300 (x) * 200 (y) (mm) with an accuracy of 0.001.

two-dimensions measuring instrument

5. Capacitor Tester

The use of electronic equipment, printed circuit boards a short-circuit, insulation resistance, and other electrical devices function to test the performance, product features effectively detect problems, prevent leakage of defective products, electrical products to ensure customer satisfaction and functional requirements.

capacitance measuring tester

6. Resistance line tester

Resistance line detector for high-voltage switch contact resistance (loop resistance) of the high-precision measurement, the same applies to other large current, micro resistance measurement occasions.

circuit resistance tester

7. Resistance membrane switch tester

Automatic detection of membrane switch on-resistance, open circuit, short circuit, wiring and excessive resistance, micro-short circuit parameters, insulation impedance state, timely on-line analysis of computer products pass rate, pass-through rate, the number of the day of detection, the cumulative number of detectors.

membrane switch resistance tester

8. The voltage tester

Mainly used for high-voltage pulse, lightning high voltage, high voltage frequency measurements. It is to replace the high-voltage electrostatic voltmeter choice. A simple, intuitive display, high precision, small size, light weight and other characteristics, suitable for power plants, substations, high-voltage and high-voltage electrical equipment factory laboratory and other departments as an ideal measure of the high-voltage equipment.

hi-pot tester

9. Key life tester

Suitable for detecting the key switch, touch switches, membrane switch, and other key life test. With adjustable speed, number of arbitrarily set, and can test a number of products (each product can be multi-point test). The other buttons can be set at different pressures and different heights. While using separate controls for each test head, dedicated fixture design, user-friendly operation, to meet customer test requirements.

button life tester

10. Key life tester – Resistance Performance Monitoring

Can be dynamic or static environmental conditions, such as different products or materials performance and life test, the test times can be set (0-9999999).

resistance performance monitor

11. The constant temperature and humidity aging test machine

Precision artificial environment equipment, accelerated aging, styling products, technology, screening materials, technology, product performance validation tests, to provide customers with higher quality products guarantee; environmental testing temperature:( temperature: 40 ~ 150 ℃, humidity : 20 ~ 98% RH, accuracy: 2 ℃, 5% RH).

temperature and humidity chamber