Silver Conductive Circuits

Vmanx provides high-performing Silver Flexible Circuit Solutions with finely spaced, narrow silver traces and complex components on polyester substrate, offering an economical alternative to traditionally etched copper traces on polyimide.


Features of Vmanx Silver Conductive Circuits

  • Polyester (PET) substrate Provides flexible alternative to rigid printed circuit board (PCB).
  • More cost-effective than polyimide
  • Does not require harsh chemicals or a waste treatment facility
  • Offers an environmentally friendly component
  • Proprietarysoldering technique supports attachment of fine-pitch (0.50mm) microprocessor-based components (ICs) on PET with traditional SMT processes
  • UV-cured encapsulant protects solder joints, enabling them to withstand vibration and mechanical shock. Offers robust connection that tolerates a wide variety of applications
  • Silver printing enables an economical substitution for copper etching
  • Allows attachment of right-angle LEDs Enables enhanced backlighting for user-interface applications
  • Delivers low resistance and high conductivity, making this an effective circuit for a wide variety of low-power and -signal applications




  • Printing methods: Screen printing, flexo, sheet based or roll-to-roll
  • Inks: Silver flake, silver/silver chloride, carbon, nano silver, PEDOT, silver nano-wire, dielectric, radio translucent or opaque ink, PTC and more
  • Substrates: PET, PI, LDPE, paper, fabrics, non-woven fabrics
  • Layers: Single – and double-sided printing Up to 4 conductive layers
  • Trace and space: 0.005”x 0.005”
  • FFC tails: As small as 0.50mm pitch


  • Attach method: Surface mount
  • SMD passives: 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206
  • Integrated circuits: QFN, QFP, D-PAK (0.50mm pitch)
  • Value-add: Mechanical assembly, hydrogel integration, adhesives, lamination, shielding, forming packaging


Area of Applications

  • Consumer/Home Appliance: Wearables (shirts, wrist-worn, clips, etc.)
  • Industrial: Building sensors
  • Medical: Diagnostic and therapeutic devices


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