Silicone Rubber Keypads and Keyboards

There are several types of rubber keyboards, such as a traditional silicone rubber keyboard, a plastic keycap on a rubber keyboard, and an in-mold (IMD) keyboard. Silicone rubber keyboards are usually compression molded. Custom keyboards can be combined with color, light pipe and epoxy coating. The rubber keyboard assembly is capable of designing three-dimensional key tops, oversized key faces and improved tactile response. Graphics can be screen printed or painted in other colors, laser etched text and icons. The rubber keyboard can also be backlit with icons and switch indicators. Vmanx integrates a silicone rubber keyboard with a tactile metal dome and its membrane switching technology to provide a complete interface assembly.


Features of Vmanx Silicone rubber keypads

  • Excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, environmental resistance, electrical insulation, fatigue resistance, etc.
  • High absorption, good heat stability, stable chemical properties, high mechanical strength, etc.
  • Production needs to consider the following factors, such as product dimensions, distance of key stroke, force, hardness, color, conductive requirements, etc.



  • Loading force: 20~500g
  • Contact resistance: ≤150Ω
  • Insulation resistance:≥1E12Ω ( 500DCV )
  • Life Span: >.2 million times – > 2 million times
  • Operation temperature: -20℃~+180℃
  • Storage temperature: -30℃~+250℃


Area of Applications

  • Communications – Telephone, mobile phone, two-way radio
  • Industrial market – Control panel of mechanical, industrial equipment
  • Consumer – Set-top boxes, games, POS, card reader


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