SBR system forces passengers to be aware

VMANX Safety Belt Reminder (SBR) System is the latest safety system developed by Shenzhen Zhongman Technology Company Limited. It will alert the passengers and drivers automatically to fasten their seat belts by a voice message.


The principle of the SBR is that, when a human body is seated on a car/bus seat, the Vmanx sensor will output the signal, and the alarm will alert and remind passengers to fasten their seat belt, and the buzzer will be closed when the safety belt is plugged in.


The passengers aren’t aware of wearing seat belts and they feel uncomfortable to wear the seat belts. It is difficult too to do the supervision and inspection as the car staff may be only one driver. Therefore, the passengers need to improve their awareness of wearing seat belts. The VMANX SBR system will assist the passengers in this regard alerting by the voice.


Though VMANX SBR is specially designed for school buses, it’s widely using in other public vehicles to minimize accidental death.


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