Vmanx Biomedical Sensor


  1. Suitable substrate: PET, which is more cost effective than polyimide
  2. Thin and clear conductive sensor is more practical and convenient
  3. Flexible conductive sensor; Can be implemented on a curved surface, allowing for more elaborate design
  1. Allows low temperature treatment and simplifies design; Reduce overall production costs
  1. No need for irritating chemicals or waste disposal facilities
  2. Provide an environmental component
  3. Proprietary welding techniques support fine spacing on PET (0.50mm); Connection of microprocessor components (IC) to traditional SMT process
  1. Silver chloride printing can be applied to polycarbonate and polyester film, it is; Electrode materials specially used in biomedical sensors


  • Medical (control)

Cardiopulmonary sensor

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Product Introduction

Sensing technology is currently a rapidly developing field in scientific research and product application development in the world. It is closely related to the development of electronic technology, optical technology, machinery, chemistry and biology. Sensing technology has more and more extensive requirements in the detection and diagnosis of biology and medicine, especially the rapid growth of portable and lightweight sensors in many applications, and the sensing technology in the field of bio-medicine has changed from ideal to reality.

Basic Parameters

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