PET Circuit – V4-C1-013


As a part of a membrane switch ,widely used in electronic communications, electronic measuring instruments, industrial control, medical equipment, automotive, intelligent toys, household appliances and other fields.

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Vmanx provides high-performing Silver Flexible Circuit Solutions with finely spaced, narrow silver traces and complex components on polyester substrate, offering an economical alternative to traditionally etched copper traces on polyimide.

Basic Parameters


  • Printing methods: Screen printing, flexo, sheet based or roll-to-roll
  • Inks: Silver flake, silver/silver chloride, carbon, nano silver, PEDOT, silver nano-wire, dielectric, radio translucent or opaque ink, PTC and more
  • Substrates: PET, PI, LDPE, paper, fabrics, non-woven fabrics
  • Layers: Single – and double-sided printing Up to 4 conductive layers
  • Trace and space: 0.005”x 0.005”
  • FFC tails: As small as 0.50mm pitch


  • Attach method: Surface mount
  • SMD passives: 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206
  • Integrated circuits: QFN, QFP, D-PAK (0.50mm pitch)
  • Value-add: Mechanical assembly, hydrogel integration, adhesives, lamination, shielding, forming packaging
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