FFC – V4-C3-001


1.Soft, willfully flexible and folding
2.Thin depth and small volume
3.Simple connection, convenient disassembly
4.No electro-magnetic interference (EMI)
5.The number and pitch of wires which are willfully chosen


Widely apply to the connection between various printers’ print heads with main boards, the signal transmission and Board-To-Board connection of products such as plotter, scanner, copier, audio equipment, fax machine, kinds of DVD player, etc. It is also almost anywhere in the modern electrical equipment.

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Basic Parameters

1.Number of conductors (N): the number of copper conductors of FFC
2.Pitch (P): the distance between the centerlines of two adjacent conductors; such as 0.5mm/ 0.8mm/ 1.0mm/ 1.25mm/ 1.27mm/ 2.0mm/ 2.54mm etc.
3.Margin : the distance between the centerline of the outermost conductor with the edge of FFC
4.Total Pitches (TP): the distance between the centerlines of the two outermost conductors; TP=P*(N-1)
5.Width (W): the distance between the two edges of FFC, W=P*(N+1)
6.Length : the distance between the two ends of FFC; such as 15mm~N m
7. Inserting thickness : the thickness of two terminals of FFC

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