Automobile Power Capacitor Controlled Touch Sensor-V3-T-027


  • Effective on a wide range of substrates, including polyester (PET), polycarbonate and glass, appropriate for a variety of applications requiring durable, translucent circuits
  • Capable of both touch-sensing and proximity-sensing actuation, enables both capacitive touch, sliders, wheels for actuation to meet a broad range of design needs
  • Thin, clear conductive sensor, supports backlighting techniques that create space savings when compared to other techniques
  • Applied with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) eliminates the need to use the more expensive optically clear adhesive (OCA) to apply. Standard PSA is an effective application method for PEDOT
  • Transparent circuits allows lighting to pass through them, resulting in a capacitive key backlit through the circuit
  • Flexible transparent conductive sensor, can be implemented on curved surfaces allowing for more elaborate designs
  • Allows low-temperature processing and simplified design, lowers overall production costs


  • Bus
  • Private car
  • Motorcycle etc.

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Product Introduction:

Vmanx automobile power capacitor controlled touch sensor offer flexibility and transparent circuits, enabling keypad backlighting on curved surfaces for capacitive user interface panels.

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