Pressure Sensitiveness Seat Occupancy Sensor

The automobile seat sensor is a thin film type contact sensor, which is evenly distributed on the bearing surface of the seat, and generates a trigger signal when the seat is under pressure from outside. Used in car seat occupant sensing system, such as safety belt alarm sensor. Automatic meter taxi, aerocyst induction and the driver leaving seat, for example, with this device, it can perceived seat with no one, if no one the airbag will not open. The driver left the seat then it will automatically return to neutral. The sensitivity of the sensor can be designed according to the shape of the automobile seat, the hardness of the skin and the tightness of the skin.To detect whether there is someone on the seat, the signal to the safety belt alarm device. In theory, the detection signal can also be used as a sub driver airbag switch.

Auto seat sensor is a membrane touch point sensor and touch point was distributed uniformity on the suffer facade of seat. It is use to apperceive system of auto seat, such as safety belt alarm sensor, Taxi meter automatism .

We can design to different sensor figure and touch point sensitivity according to shape, rigidity and elasticity of car seat.

Article comes from China membrane switch manufacturer – Vmanx,website is www.vmanx.com .