Functions of VMANX Seat Belt Reminder System

VMANX Safety Belt Reminder (SBR) System will alert the passengers and drivers automatically to fasten their seat belts by a voice message. The system is the latest safety system designed and developed by Shenzhen Zhongman Technology Company Limited (VMANX).


Core Functions of VMANX Seat Belt Reminder System:

  • Intelligent induction system

The system USES the current advanced near-field communication technology to intelligently determine whether the seat is in use or not and whether the seat belt is fastened. Based on the detection result of whether the passenger is wearing the seat belt, the system will announce the voice alert to the staff on board.

  • Intelligent positioning system

The system will automatically count the number of passengers on the bus, and count the passengers who have worn or not wearing seat belts on the car, and the seats that have been seated but not used, displayed in the car display and terminal background, convenient for the staff Check and automatically prompt the passenger to fasten the seat belt.

  • Intelligent maintenance system

When the seat sensing terminal device is abnormal, such as the device does not work, the safety buckle is damaged, etc., the vehicle terminal and the background will be automatically notified, and the device will detect and display its number position and status.


Though VMANX SBR is specially designed for school buses, it’s widely using in other public vehicles too to minimize accidental death.


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