The working principle of El panel

Cold life:
Cold light source is not a conventional light source will suddenly died, but after a long period of use, luminescent brightness will gradually decline, voltage, frequency, temperature and moisture are important factors affecting luminescence lifetime.
Luminescent brightness:
Luminescent brightness can be through the luminosity meter measured. Therefore, the brightness of the cold light source is usually expressed in photometric units of computation, but the human eye comparison is not easy to achieve such sensitivity, usually visual feeling and photometric standard is there will be a certain degree of error.
The cold light source of power:
Cold light source is via a supporting the design of VVVF (driver) to drive, and drive a cold light sheet of voltage and frequency, is in accordance with the size of light area, use environment, life and other factors to consider as a professional supporting design, development, production of.
The weight and the thickness of the luminescent piece:
Cold light tablets have a very attractive main condition is its weight and thickness, weight of the luminescent piece is 0.1 grams per square centimeter, while the thickness is 0.2mm~0.5mm. For some of the special requirements of the orders, the weight and thickness of the luminescent piece is will change accordingly.
The flexural toughness of the luminescent piece:
Cold light tablets, the other a benefits is it has good bending usually 2cm radii above the bending is acceptable, the flexural toughness characteristics, but also gives the cold light tablets have more different environment use.
The edge of the sealed sheet:
Of light-emitting Masters week along at least should be 0.1cm to package and narrow package will make cold life caused by subtle changes in the cold light, it is recommended that sealed should maintain the appropriate width.:

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