membrane switches

Custom Membrane Switches Keypads

Advanced Features:
ESD Shielding;
Tactile domes both polyester and stainless steel;
Embossing – dome emboss, pillow emboss, frame emboss;
Customer-tailored, competitively priced interfaces.
No two applications are exactly alike. That’s why every membrane switch designed and manufactured at Vmanx is customer-tailored to address your requirements and specifications. These low-power switches operate at peak performance for 1 million cycles and come with your choice of tactile feedback, textures, colors, filters, shielding and embossing.
From prototype to production, Vmanx makes membrane switches for virtually all types of instrumentation including those built to last in harsh elements including salt spray, sand and dust, sulfur atmosphere, chemicals and solvents. Health standard of forces range from 100 to 300 g. Contact bounce is less than 6 ms.
Pricing depends on customer’s design and special requirements.
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