(Connecting Wire Harness)Vmanx Connecting Wire Harness

Connecting Wire Harness can apply to signals and power connection between transportation equipment, circuit connection between electric equipment, etc.

Major features of Vmanx Connecting Wire Harness:

Components: conductive wire, wiring terminal, insulating sheath, dressing material, etc.(Connecting Wire Harness)

Conductive wires choosing: can choose the corresponding wire material according to different usage environment.

Wiring terminals material choosing: mainly brass and bronze; can choose different coating according to requirements.

Insulating sheaths material choosing: mainly PA6, PA66, ABS, PBT, PP, etc; can add flame retardant and reinforced material according to the actual situation for fire resistance and enhancement.

Dressing materials choosing: commonly tape, corrugated tube, PVC tube, etc. The dressing of wire harness can help to resistance of wear, fire, corrosion, interference, noise reduction, appearance beautification.

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