Child Safety Sensor Foam

The Child Safety Sensor VS-374 is a new product designed by Vmanx research and development team. The product is designed with foams and pads for child safety seats and is designed to prevent children from forgetting safety accidents in the car. This seat cushion uses a thin film pressure sensor. The sensor contacts are evenly distributed on the seat cushion part. When an external force acts on the seat cushion, a trigger signal is generated, which is suitable for children over 2KG. The seat cushion has a built-in sensor, a Bluetooth radio control module, an iron-aluminum battery, and is equipped with a USB power transmission interface.


Function principle:

When the child is riding on the safety cushion, the Bluetooth electronic control module detects the pressure signal sent by the sensor through the CU to determine whether the cushion is occupied, and simultaneously sends a wireless signal to the receiving terminal (alarm hook, mobile phone APP and other alarm reminder system) as a reminder to prevent accidents. It can be customized for the shape and size of the safety seat, and provides ODM and OEM customization.


Features and specifications of child safety pad VS-374

  • Bluetooth module: Version 5.0
  • Size of battery: 30*30.5*5MM lithium iron rechargeable battery
  • Custom Bluetooth connection protocol: We can transfer the protocol to customer’s design APP.
  • Production cycle: 2-3 weeks
  • Battery capacity: The 300MAH is expected to last about 3 months
  • Charging: USB & ESD connection
  • Functions: charging indicator, battery data temperature protection, battery detection


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