Car seat sensor for cross country vehicle (Car Seat Occupancy Sensor)

Vmanx Newly designed Car Seat Occupancy Sensor is a membrane touch point sensor and touch point is distributed uniformity on the suffer facade of seat. It is used to a system of auto seat, such as safety belt alarm sensor, Taxi meter automatism.which can detect if there are persons sit on the provides the best comfortable sense to the touch.The sensor will react and send message to the controller when the people sit on the seat.

With the increase of the cross country vehicles, many people like driving the cross country vehicle,as this king of vehicle can bring them wireless fun and pleasure.By using the seat pressure sensor,the car can be detected if there are available seats in the car.What’s more,the sensor can be developed into a model that can remind the people fasten the seat belt.

Basic Parameters of VS-323:

1.Ambient temperature: 20℃±5℃

2.Rated working voltage:13.5V

3.Rated long-time working current:≤10mA

4.Short-time/Pulse working current:≤20mA

5.Limit voltage: 19VDC

6.Insulation resistance:≥100MΩ

7.Loop resistance:<40Ω

Vmanx Car Seat Occupancy Sensor VS-318 can be applied to the coach seat occupant perception system. It can be used in office chair,when the people sit on the office chair exceed 6hs,the sensor will remind the people for a rest and telling the sitting time. The mst obviously function is that the sensor can be used in a school bus or adults bus too remind passengers automatically to fasten their seat belt and ensure more safety in traveling.

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