Car Seat Pressure Sensor VS-106

Vmanx Car Seat Pressure Sensor VS-106 is one of the most sensitive occupancy pressure sensor with long durability designed by Shenzhen Zhongman Technology Company Limited. It is a membrane touch point sensor and touch point is distributed uniformity on the suffer facade of seat. It is use to apperceive system of auto seat, such as safety belt alarm sensor, Taxi meter automatism.


Major Features of VS-106:

  • Precise structure, good-looking appearance, tight sealing
  • Moisture-resistant, waterproof, dust-proof, oil-proof, gas-proof
  • Light weight, small volume, long service life
  • Stable and reliable performance, easy installation



The contacts of Vmanx Car Seat pressure Sensor VS-106 evenly distribute on the stress-bearing surface of seat, and will generate a trigger signal when the external force presses on the seat. It can apply to the bus seat occupant perception system, such as safety belt reminder (SBR), taxi automatic message accounting system, airbag’s sensor, condition that the driver leaves seat.

For example, with this device, occupancy sensor can detect if anybody sits or not, and the airbag won’t open if nobody.


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