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The benefits of Flexible Printed Circuits(FPC)

There are many benefits to Flexible Printed Circuits including: Assembly Error Reduction: With accurate designs and automated production, flex circuits eliminate human errors once involved in hand-built wire harnesses. With the exception of production-induced errors, circuits are only routed to those points called for by the accurate design plan. Decreased Assembly Time and Costs: Flex circuits […]

The working principle of El panel

Cold life: Cold light source is not a conventional light source will suddenly died, but after a long period of use, luminescent brightness will gradually decline, voltage, frequency, temperature and moisture are important factors affecting luminescence lifetime. Luminescent brightness: Luminescent brightness can be through the luminosity meter measured. Therefore, the brightness of the cold light […]

How to get the PCB control panel prototype

PCB control panel PRICES Prices are charged per square decimetre (dm²) and include film & tooling costs. Shipping costs will depend on the following two cases. If you have one of internation express account like FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS or you have an indicated forwarder in China, we will not ask for shipping fee from […]

Introduction of plastic and rubber(P+R)keypads

Plastic and rubber(P+R)keypads combine the benefits of plastic keycap with the elastomeric and sealing feature of silicone rubber keypads by glue. The interface support many kinds of colors, textures, graphic pattern, which can enhance the aesthetic and backlight effects of products. Production Process: 1.) Keypads Forming and Plastic Keycap Injection Forming. 2.) Silk Screen Printing, Spray […]

Variety And Structure Of Membrane Switch

1) flat type: the application of long life, but no touch; 2) film: convex tactile type good touch, but with a relatively short life; 3) convex frame type non tactility type: beautiful, have a strong sense of plane, but no touch; 4) convex frame type tactile type: beautiful, have a strong sense of touch and […]

The Actuality Of PCB control panel

What is PCB Control Panel? Printed circuit board is the most common name but may also be called “printed wiring boards” , “printed wiring cards”or “PCB control panel”.Before the advent of the PCB circuits were constructed through a laborious process of point-to-point wiring. This led to frequent failures at wire junctions and short circuits when […]

Pressure Sensitiveness Seat Occupancy Sensor

The automobile seat sensor is a thin film type contact sensor, which is evenly distributed on the bearing surface of the seat, and generates a trigger signal when the seat is under pressure from outside. Used in car seat occupant sensing system, such as safety belt alarm sensor. Automatic meter taxi, aerocyst induction and the […]

The Advantages Of Capacitive Touch Control Switch

Compared with traditional switch:Capacitive-touch-control-switch does not need the direct contact with the metal, can completely eliminate the security risks, even with gloves can also be used, and are not subject to the weather is dry and wet resistance of human body changes influence, it is more convenient to use. No mechanical parts, no wear, infinite […]

Custom Membrane Switches Keypads

Advanced Features: ESD Shielding; Backlight; Tactile domes both polyester and stainless steel; Embossing – dome emboss, pillow emboss, frame emboss; Customer-tailored, competitively priced interfaces. No two applications are exactly alike. That’s why every membrane switch designed and manufactured at Vmanx is customer-tailored to address your requirements and specifications. These low-power switches operate at peak performance […]