membrane switch

Application of electrical membrane switch

Membrane switch specifications in the electrical industry:

Membrane switches have multi-layer push button switches. Because of their beautiful appearance, long life, and simple structure, the membrane switch is widely used in all walks of life. From small appliances to large-scale high-tech products, it is inseparable from switch control. Membrane switches are mainly composed of thin films, glue-water, circuit board layer and so on.


Electrical film switch principle:

When the electro-membrane switch layer is not depressed down, the barrier layer has a blocking effect on the membrane switches circuits. When the mask layer is pressed, the upper line overlaps with the lower line at the same time, so that the line opens the external convergence instrument (set by the customer) to send a signal to complete its corresponding function.


Membrane switch application:

It has a smooth, rust-free appearance and can be cleaned with alcohol or gasoline. Membrane switch comes in various forms and provides users with different levels of feedback. When you work with us, you will notice that we use audible, tactile, snap-action domes, and multiple domes while discussing the feel and behavior of membrane switches.

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