Advantages and Features of Vmanx membrane switches

Vmanx standard membrane switches are thin, low-profile, micro-motion assemblies, with one or more layers of silver or carbon conductors printed on polyester substrate layers. Pressure-sensitive adhesives are used to bond the layers together. Assemblies can be designed as thin as 1.00mm. Tactile metal domes provide the “snap” or tactile feedback and audible sound when the switch is actuated. Available options include non-tactile membrane switches (ex, microwave ovens, treadmills), poly-domes and silicone rubber keypads with carbon or gold contacts.


Advantages and Features of Vmanx membrane switches:


Light-weight and low profile

Permits integration into smaller and thinner packages

Allows addition of simple electronic components onto the flexible switch substrate

Eliminates the need for an additional LED or display board mounted below the switch substrate

Superior tactile response that is consistent from switch to switch

Extremely reliable contact system that withstands even the most rugged commercial environment

Snap-dome contacts

Superior tactile feeling

Easy to shield

Offers protection against static discharge and EMI/RFI

Sealed and internally vented

Resistant to dust and moisture

Stainless steel domes, designed by a worldwide company that is experienced in high-speed stamping

Dome designs are produced with auto-placement, ensuring product reliability

Extremely resistant to shock and vibration

Exceptional performance in commercial applications


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