capacitive touch control switch

The Advantages Of Capacitive Touch Control Switch

Compared with traditional switch:Capacitive-touch-control-switch does not need the direct contact with the metal, can completely eliminate the security risks, even with gloves can also be used, and are not subject to the weather is dry and wet resistance of human body changes influence, it is more convenient to use. No mechanical parts, no wear, infinite life, reduce the cost of late maintenance. The sensing part can be placed on the back of any insulating layer, usually of glass or plastic material, and is easy to be made into a keyboard which is sealed by the surrounding environment.

Panel design can be arbitrary, key size, shape arbitrary design, characters, trademarks, perspective windows and other arbitrary, beautiful appearance, fashion, do not fade, non deformation, durable. Fundamentally solve the various metal panels and all kinds of mechanical panel can not achieve the effect. Its reliability and aesthetic design randomness, can directly replace the existing ordinary panel.

lead the industry:Capacitive touch control switch can penetrate the insulating material of the housing 20mm or more accurately detect the effective finger touch. And ensure that the product of sensitivity, stability, reliability, long-term use will not change or changes in environmental conditions, and has a waterproof and anti-interference ability.

Simple application:Single-chip, very few external components, the line is very simple, no oscillation circuit production process is simple, just follow the schematic layout will be able to get satisfactory results. There are a variety of special interface requirements touch buttons series sensor IC, a single button interface to a variety of special requirements, do not have to modify the product MCU master control program. And microcontroller interface is very easy to achieve a variety of touch control applications.

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